Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Major changes since the last blog post!

Of course many of y'all who read this have noticed the updates already since you may be friends on fb and twitter. But for those who haven't checked in or may have missed out, here are some updates: 2012 started off with a Booom... My fb, twitter and now instagram (Dylan Dili) are all live and well. Be a part of the movement. Since the year started I have released 5 music videos and one Video vlog coming this week! All the new videos can now be seen in the VIDEO SECTION of the site. (Big up Mazi O., the Academy, Ace Amilli and my whole film team) Check them out now and tell a friend!
Also some major visual appearances on the way. Kind of a surprise so I'll let you know when it gets closer to the date And lastly.... My project comes JULY!! Stay tuned and I'll make sure you know first. Thanks for your patience, sorry for the wait and now the movements continue!!!
Ps: even when u didn't see me....I NEVER TOOK A DAY OFF!! We working.
One love.
Now forward to the Video section...