Sunday, May 23, 2010


Greetings. Big up. and Blessings to ALL.

Welcome to my life. I would be lying if I said "welcome to my site or blog" because this is a lot deeper than that. Im taking my time out to gladly welcome you to the thoughts of my mind and the experiences that I have gone thru. A story about Music, Melodies, Blessings, curses, travels, sex, violence, late nights and sometimes morning Regrets. But more importantly I wanna welcome you to Truth. I give to you my life. All I ask from you in return is to stick around, enjoy the vibes and accept and respect the movement with an open heart and mind.

Some of you know me from MTV's reality show "Making The Band 2" and a Chappelle Show skit from his series. Both were successful but if you ask those viewers to name a song of mine they cannot. If you ask those same people if they have ever seen me perform live (with or without my live band) most probably never have. Understand there were many roadblocks since the show and not blaming anyone; it truly made me a stronger and better artist. No matter what you think, those TV shows were 6 years ago. And I doubt your life is the same as it was 6 years ago. Not only that, but if you continue doing something for 6 years the only result that will come from such hard work is greatness. So expect only the best. If I can let the world hear my voice and be moved by my music, help my family, raise my son right, invest into positive businesses and help those in need around the world then my mission will be complete. My dream of being a successful solo artist is now being started in Your eyes and now you have a front row seat to my personal Movie. Those who are true to themselves will relate and this LIFE page will be your new habit and part of your daily and weekly routine.
Ok...blah blah blah.....lets continue.


1. Im not that tall as on TV..Im 5/7, 163lbs

2. I was born two days after Bob Marley's Bday and a day after Grenada Independence

3. I was born in Brooklyn, raised in Carriacou, Grenada and Traveled half way around the world

4. I DO spit Hot Fire

5. I was a DJ/reggae/dancehall Selector/soundman for years before there was any such thing as "Making the"...ya dig?

6. Im a free agent and not signed to any management or record contract.

7. I have 100's of songs complete and I have never took a day off from the work in 6 years.