Monday, October 25, 2010

Forward Ever, Backwards Never

Its been tooooo long!!! Whats up world??! Yes its been a minute since my last blog and its only right to keep my people updated on whats going on in my life. First I hope that while you're reading this everything is good with you and your family on your side. So here are some updates. Stay with me....It's been a minute:

Last time I posted something was summer-time. My son, Tristan, and I had a great summer and went alot of places. I released a mixtape "Let The Music Talk" [CLICK HERE FOR FREE DOWNLOAD] and had a party to celebrate the release.

Right after that I left to go back "home" to Grenada for some sanity. The trip was great and I was gonna stay permanently but God had other plans for me. I'll be back again soon but big up to all the radio stations, clubs, Bling, Slatta, Sara Caroline, Don Carlos, all my family and friends for making my trip the highlight of my year. And of course big up and thanks to God for bringing me back to my roots to see the real beauty of the COUNTRY again.

So I came back and got refocused. And I had come to the conclusion that the music industry itself is very corrupt and filled with hypocrites, liars and more snakes than in any other business outside of the stock market. MUSIC itself though is PURE and is a energy and a gift that we artist are blessed to have. So I am taking a break from the corruption of the biz and I am only recording and creating musical works when I have something to say, to vent or simply just for fun. This means I'm taking a break from ALL interviews, collabs, industry meetings and most parties.

Check out my LAST interview here:

Truth be told I dont even go to many parties and concerts anyway. Honestly I would rather go to a reggae/dancehall Sound Clash war before I go to a big concert with everyone in the game. But hey..thats just me. ( dont know what that is? Here is small clip of 2 sound clashes.)


RIP Squingy, Bass Odyssey playing:

So like I was saying... I got refocused. Picked up my books and getting my priorities in order. Putting education first and I'm on the road towards true success and happiness. Nothing is more respected in this world than stability. The regular hustling outta road ting naah work again. So while most of my friends were partying I have been here studying algerbra and decimals again. As time goes along I might speak more on this.

But I'm still creating MUSIC when I feel it's needed. At the end of the day I could care less about fame and I dont want people to dwell on what was done "7 years ago". That's crazy; The whole "Dylan...Dylan...Dylan... I spit hot fire" Making The Band thing blah blah was great...but c'mon son. That's getting very old now. Respected YES but it's in the history books. Leave it there. No one reading this is the same person that they are now, as they were when those shows were on. (Shytt...if you are still on the same level as you were 7 years ago then you need to stop reading this and do something different with your life) lol. What I'm saying is.... when I'm gone and life's curtains are closed I wanna be known for being a good person that made good music. BUT "Music is only a PIECE of a persons life. It is NOT your WHOLE life". (Big up Pastor O for that quote)

Now as far as music? It still will continue when I am ready. Here are 3 parts to a mini-movie. Airplanes, Numbers and then lastly the two in one done in a different style. Thanks to my brother Mazi for the great work and everyone involved.




Take time out to also check out the other chapters on this site especially the 5 greatest things I love. One Love and stay blessed everyone. And I wish you all success and peace. Salute. And LIFE GOES ON.........