Friday, July 22, 2011

It's Impossible

It's impossible to see thru my smile
I paint pictures of sunny days for you but I haven't seen one for miles
They say the grass looks greener on the other side
And yes I stood the test of time but I had no idea the ladder was this hard to climb
Society didn't want me due to what I did 10 years ago
So I can't get a great 9-5 I shed tears. Did you know?
I didn't think so cause it's impossible to see thru my smile
But all u seen was the bottles. The models. And the fresh clothes in the picture profile
My greatest blessing was my greatest crutch. Well it still is
And I'm battling demons while trying to battle to the top of a music biz
Doing time writing bars trying hard not to expose my scars
To this day I have never written about fancy cars
I love hard. Drink hard. Stay hard in a world of the soft
Living in a concrete jungle with dreams in a loft.
Just so my son can look out the window and feel free
Be anything he wants to be without going thru my same misery
Fame isnt what it's all cracked up to be
Just a lot of crackheads and warm nights with a groupie
But if my music can seep thru the crack and into your heart
To make u dance and forget your problems then that will be a start
Writing is an art and it can paint a picture for miles
Mabye one day it will be possible to see thru my smile

Monday, July 18, 2011

OVER YOU!!- Officially RELEASED!!!!!!

Thanks to everyone for supporting so far!! since 7am I have been getting calls from people who bought the new single for .99cents. Its beyond money... shows appreciation for music and I thank you for believing in me. long is the link!! TURN UP THE VIBES!!