Monday, June 28, 2010


I hope everyone reading this is doing well and living it up for the summer!! The Heat has been NO JOKE and I plan on keeping the fiyah Blaaazing!! So lets get down to Business:
I have officially partnered up with a powerful unit and independent company called "BossType Ent". This partnership is the 1st of many great business opportunities this summer and beyond.
The First thing we are releasing is my new music video "MOBBIN" Feat VA Rapper "Cuttah". This is the first Video and song being released from my upcoming project " LET THE MUSIC TALK". This upcoming album/project is now in mixing and mastering stage. More details coming soon.
Also, I will be in Miami this weekend, ATL following and more releases to come
Shout out to Queen Bola from Grand Hustle/Bosstype, POE, Nina, Hectar, K-Hypeman, D.Original and everyone who has been a part of the Movement.
Here is the new Video "MOBBIN".  Consider this thee 1st Bomb.  Booooom!!!!! Enjoy.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


These days have been very productive. ( BUZY!!!)  I dont believe its good to talk about everything that I do, but I will let you in on a few blessings.
Three Projects are in the works. Two are complete and going thru mixing and mastering or video editing.I have been traveling a lot and had the chance recently to work with some great people.My son is doing well and is looking forward to a Soccer summer and 1st grade in September. My new song writing has gotten real writing should expect greatness! Im going back to booking more flights, showing more love and giving more Thanks to Our Creator. (Always First)...Check out these stills from a recent music video called " Keep It Mobbin" feat VA rapper "Cuttah". Big up to BossType Ent and Mean Streets as well.
One Love
Few years ago I had the chance to work with the Greatest photographer ever. His name is Stan Shaffer. He was 60-something years old in age but with 21 yr old energy and his work is timeless and beautiful. I used to hang out at his place daily after "Making the band" was finally over and I met a lot of great people over there including my producer Eddie Loco, BurnemUp, Dj Sickamore, top models of all kinds and a load of great people within entertainment. He worked with the best in high fashion and the "Vogue" lifestyle yet knew more reggae music than most Caribbean people. I shared MANY great memories with him and I will never forget how great of a man he is. Cheers to you Stan and eternal blessings. My love, condolences and Sympathy to Allie, his daughter, his son, the whole family and every friend that shared in his life journey. May God bless. One Love. Thanks Stan.
(Photos below by Stan Shaffer)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I remember one time someone asked me " Dylan...If you could go back into time during the Making the band days and change one thing, what would it be?". Now usually my answer is "Nothing...because everything that I did has made me the stronger man and artist that I am today". But this particular day, I answered the question differently and I told him, "I wish I had a son back then.

Deep. Kids change everything. Having a kid changes your perspective on a lot of things. I've been thru a lot, most of which you will never know unless you banged with me or grew up with me. I've seen jail cells, gunshots, drugs,been shot at, cut, did the shooting, did the stabbing, the fuckery, the crazy nights, the showbiz, the groupies and much more....most things which didnt earn me anything. I would NEVER want my son to go thru half of what I seen.

He is going on 6 years old and I won't even introduce him to the women I date...unless one passes the test of time and is worth it, because I dont want him getting attatched. I have changed his diapers and doctored his flu when he caught it. He has been living with me and I have been raising him for the past 3 or 4 years now. I teach him about God and real life. This world is so corrupted that I dont know if I should even have any more kids. Parents in the bizz....and those in any hustle...lets TRY and remember that whatever we are gonna see that. Whether your Dylan, Diddy, 50cent, Superhead, Kat Stacks or Keisha from BK, NY...our kids will know and see the things we do. And if you've been thru the concrete like I have, then you KNOW thats some of that stuff is no good for our babies to grow up to. Like I said...Im faaar from perfect...Jah knows!! But I am TRYING my best to raise my son to be the next President of his Own world. One Love and blessings to everyone with kids and all the single parents.

And to my son Tristan who will one day probably read this ( because everything on the internet last forever): I love you and Daddy did his best to provide for you. For the nights when I wasn't "there", I was still there. Please stay positive and never be a follower of people. Follow God and everything will be alright. I love you. Blessings.